A diagnostic x-ray is a procedure used to take radiographs (x-ray pictures) of the body’s bones and internal organs. Radiographs help physicians detect or rule out abnormalities and diseases, such as pneumonia, broken bones, or signs of cancer.

Do I need a physician’s order to get an x-ray?

Yes, your physician must order the x-ray. If you are given a written order (script) for your test, bring it with you or the exam may be delayed.

Where can I get my x-ray taken?

You may get your x-ray taken at the St. George Medical Clinic Main Location or the St. George Canaan Valley Clinic.

How long will my x-ray take?

The time it takes to complete an x-ray depends on the number of exams your physician orders. It could be as quick as 10 minutes for a single x-ray or longer for multiple exams. It also depends on whether there are other patients ahead of you.

Will I need to put on a patient gown?

Depending on the exam, you may be asked to put on a patient gown. The technologist may also ask you to remove jewelry, hair clips, or dentures if they will interfere with the area of interest.

Questions the technologist may ask:

  • Do you have any allergies, asthma, or diabetes?
  • Are you pregnant or could you be pregnant?

During the exam: The technologist will position you and ask you to remain still for the exposure. You may be asked to hold your breath for a few seconds. The technologist will move in and out of the x-ray room while the images are processed.

After the exam:  Your healthcare provider will receive a copy of the results to review with you.


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